Gifted (or Gifted & Talented) Defined

Giftedness Evaluations

Giftedness evaluations include written reports containing individualized recommendations. Our assessment typically includes:

  • Review of developmental, medical, behavioral, and family history
  • Review of report cards, teacher feedback, and results from any previous standardized testing
  • Assessment of cognitive abilities using comprehensive, standardized measures (including verbal and nonverbal abilities, working memory, and processing speed)
  • Assessment of academic achievement in the areas of reading, writing, and math
  • Review work samples that may be indicative of your child’s unique gifts or talents. This could include previously written work (e.g., poems, creative writing, etc.), artwork, and/or audio/video recordings of any musical or theatrical talents, etc.

Further evaluation in additional areas may also be necessary when suspected learning, emotional, behavioral, or attention problems arise. Commonly held myths may prevent gifted individuals from receiving appropriate educational and enrichment opportunities. Please contact us if you have additional questions or would like to set up an appointment.