PACT Evaluation Services

Are you experiencing difficulties at work or school?  Situations can be frustrating when you don’t understand the cause or need help identifying how to solve a problem. We’re here to help! Click below to learn more about the evaluation services that we offer.


Types of Evaluations

Psychoeducational Evaluations

PACT offers the following types of psychoeducational evaluations/assessments:

PACT evaluations are conducted exclusively by a licensed provider with advanced graduate-level training. Your evaluation will be performed by the same provider who completes all the testing, writes the comprehensive report, and personally provides a 1.5-hour interactive feedback session. 

Most of our providers are also Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs), with extensive experience working in the schools. Your provider has expertise regarding both educational need and navigating school systems.

Psychological and Personality Evaluations

A thorough evaluation of personality features and current emotional and behavior concerns can provide clarity and options as you search for solutions to mood or behavioral difficulties. Our comprehensive psychological evaluation incorporates clinical interviews, behavior checklists, self-report measures of personality and behavior, and projective tests (e.g., drawings, sentence completion, storytelling, inkblots). Psychological evaluation reports include recommendations for resolving troublesome symptoms, building on strengths, and for developing new strategies to manage personal challenges. Additionally, psychological evaluations may determine whether the individual has an emotional disability that merits 504 services and accommodations or special education services.